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          I spent the first ten years of my life staring up at a looming castle with towers glowing against a black sky.  At the edge of a forest reaching from the base of the castle’s mountainous perch, a merciless dragon traps a winged horse as pale as the castle walls.  Dark trees frame the scene; the jagged lines of one trunk twist into a convoluted face staring from the wall right back into my room...
         I have a pair of quirky parents to thank for the elaborate mural painted on the wall of my childhood bedroom.  As I grew older, I began to appreciate the painting from a new, introspective perspective.  It represented a window into my imagination and inspired me from a young age to share what I saw through drawings and paintings of my own.  I have a picture of the mural sitting on my desk, but not once did I need to look back at it to describe the image planted permanently in my memory.  It reminds me of my primary goal in making art:  to share a story.


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          Ari Eppert is an illustrator and motion designer born in Cincinnati and currently residing in a creaky old house in Columbus, Ohio.  He studied Illustration with a concentration in Entertainment Design at the Columbus College of Art & Design.  He enjoys exploring his surroundings accompanied by a sketchbook and a good friend, whether that be a person or a dog. The cat refuses to come.
          His work is inspired by the fond childhood memories of the adventures that shaped his imagination and an endless curiosity about the forms he finds in nature. When not playing with scissors or flammable objects, he fills his free time mentoring his former high school's robotics team and taking long hikes through any clump of trees he can find.

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CCAD alum uses seriously old techniques for a fresh take on the new Cloyd Family Animation Center


CCAD grad Ari Eppert (Illustration, 2018)'s design for the Cloyd Family Animation Center is like nothing you've ever seen.

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Chroma: Best of CCAD - Best in Show, Illustration

RAW 2018 Showcase: Ovation - Featured Artist

RAW 2016 Showcase: Motif - Featured Artist

Botticelli Literary Magazine - Contributing Artist

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