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I created a donor recognition wall for the new state-of-the-art animation space at Columbus College of Art & Design with art direction by the chair of animation Charlotte Belland and fabrication by industrial design and interior architecture instructor Joel Gundlach.


"The end result is an eye-catching visual work created in the manner of a phénakisticope, a circa-1830s innovation that creates the illusion of motion and is considered a forerunner of modern animation. Donor names are flanked by images such butterflies flapping their wings, ostriches on the run, and jockeys maneuvering horses, on discs that can be spun by hand.


Eppert was chosen because her ability to take a static, 2D concept and reimagine it as a full-scale, tactile installation, Belland said." Click here to read more.


Project Leader: Richard McKinley, 


Designers: Richard McKinley, Micheal Elizondo, Jonathan Crocetti, and Tracy Frey 


Sculptors and Fabricators: Richard McKinley, Micheal Elizondo, Jace Turner, Tracy Frey, Justine Murasky, Kevin Krznar. 

Assistance: Dana Barry, Samantha Boshears, Ari Eppert, Dani Sink, Gigi Wang

Photos courtesy of Tracy Frey

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